#League10 – Ten years of League of Legends

Ten years of League of Legends. What better way to rekindle my love for blogging than to write about a ten-year long legacy of a game I call my favourite game of all time. Sure, I had my fair share of playing different type of games like Super Mario World, Demon`s Souls, Dark Souls, Yakuza, Persona and many more, but none of these kept me as entertained and as addicted to it like League is able to.

So last night there was the 10th anniversary stream of Riot Games about League of Legends, its origins, legacy and also some great news the upcoming games and features created by the developers of everyone favourites MOBA game. Hours before the stream even started people were talking about the possible things Riot is going to present during the special version of “Riot Please”. And after everything was revealed and the stream itself concluded there is nothing else to say than “Thank you Riot”.

Not only does the company listened to its Fans and their needs they event went beyond everyone’s expectations. The players and fans of League finally got the official confirmation of the mobile version of League of Legends which will also be available for consoles such as the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and Nintendos Switch. Additionally, there will be a new card game in the style of Blizzards Hearthstone, centered around the champions of League of Legends (also planned for being released on mobile devices) as there will be a mobile version for the immensely popular Auto Chess game “TeamFight Tactics”.

Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra & much more

But not only did League get an extended Unvierse with the mentioned games, Riot itself is expanding its game development. Besides a fighting game which was first brought up doring this years EVO in Las Vegas, Riot showed some pictures of a possible MMORPG or Diablo-style of game which focuses on the aspect of exploring the places of Runeterra together with friends. Concrete details still yet to be published. And a shooter was also announced without being connected to the world League of Legends. All three of them are yet to be fully named, right now they are only called Project F (MMO/Diablo), Project A (Shooter) and Project L (Fighting Game).

Fans of Riots animated videos will also be happy to hear that the company is producing an original animated series which will be released at some point during the next year. Within the #League10 stream people were able get a glimpse of what to expect: apparently the series, which is being called “Arcane”, tells the story of the two sisters Jinx and Vi and how they ended up becoming the person they resemble within the lore of League of Legends – Vi joining the police force of Zaun, working with other champions such as Caitlyn and Jinx becoming a reckless terrorist, heavily loaded with lots of different types of guns.

I for myself can’t wait to get my hands on either Legends of Runeterra, the card game, or the mobile/console version of League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Since I started working within the esports industry I always had a special spot for League of Legends in my hearth and this special 10 years anniversary stream showed me once again, why I love this game, its lore, its champions and its universe so much. Here`s to the next ten years of one of the best video games of all time. Cheers.

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