25 years of PlayStation

Once again, we are celebrating an anniversary. But this time nothing esports related, well sort of. 25 years ago, Sony released the first iteration of the now famous PlayStation brand. Not only did the console itself went on to become the worldwide bestselling home console but it also created millions of millions of good, bad, awesome and terrible memories with its enormous variety of games. To this day Sony and the PlayStation, now in its fourth installment, the PlayStation 4, are loved by millions of players worldwide and also by me.

I started playing the original one, the PlayStation one. Crash Bandicoot, Medieval, Ridge Racer, Tekken, Final Fantasy and Resident Evil – the first PS console marked the starting point of my love for titles and game series I still play today, well, at least their predecessors.

To this day I am a huge fan of Resident Evil and one of my earliest memories around that game and the PlayStation 1 stems from my childhood while being in elementary school. I must’ve been nine or ten years old but during that time, everything horror related was handled as it happened for real. During recess, we talked about Freddy Krueger as he was a real person and haunts you in your dreams. At that time one of my friends came in possession of Biohazard, or in Europe commonly known as Resident Evil. In hindsight talking about the game was much scarier than playing it but I was young and easily scarred. And so one day I asked him if he could borrow me the game and he did.

Then I tried to play it, before going to school on that day. I was only able to make it to the first encounter with the Zombie before I shut down the PlayStation and ran back straight under my bed. It took years for me to complete the first Resident Evil but in some way, the game also marked the start of my love for the series and horror in general. But this is only one of many memories I have with Sonys gaming console. The first time I played Final Fantasy VIII or the countless Tekken 2 and 3 duels I had with one of my oldest friends.

Even though I choose the PC as my main gaming station nowadays, from time to time I grab the DualShock 4 and play some good old PlayStation games. Retro never gets old.

Thank you Sony and thank you PlayStation for making me a fan of video games.

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